Sex and Psychology

Drinking whilst watching porno can lead to a numbness where in a person feels the growing need for adrenaline and more and more of a kick from their porno thus will start to go for more and more risky porn to get a fix. The normal levels of arousal are not enough whilst drinking and the individual will believe that they need harder and harder porno that is more and more shocking to become aroused. This behaviour will lead to harder and harder porno being sought and it is a very normal progression into what most people see as hard-core graphic or even what some might call seriously perverted or abnormal porno.


Other factors within this cycle of desensitizing of the arousal levels whilst watching porno are simple things such as not wearing earphones or not having the audio on at all during the porno movie (as we know it is much easier to virtually ignore scenes whilst we passively watch with no sound – sound is key to immersion into the movie). Watching porno in this way will desensitize a persons arousal levels eventually. Other issues that can be tackled on the part of the porno producers is to have good audio recordings on their work, not to have overly loud background music as this also detracts from the porno experience for the end-user (1970’s style loud irritating music is a no no) and to make sure audio levels are stable throughout the movie. In practice this would mean to have a good directional mike on a boom and also to have several other mike’s recording around the scene to capture sound as the actors are moving from position to position then to make real efforts to sync up the audio files on the video editing software used and to make a good composite of the audio from the best sources and have all levels balanced, so nothing is either too quiet nor loud once the movie is completed. Keep the set quiet and be careful on that laminated floor as moving around will make way more noise than can ever be appreciated by the most enthusiastic end user. Although noise can be a terrible distraction often noise will add to the quality of a movie for instance if there is a window left open and you can head birds outside and such this can really add to the moment and draw in the end user to the experience overall. Another off-putting aspect to porno work would be farting sounds which do occur often and kill the audio completely for the end user and these should be removed by the editor on the video software before the movie is released (but do copy and paste rather than just cut to absolute silence as total silence would be almost as distracting as the farting sound itself). Other aspects of movie production that can assist in a reduction of negative side effects for the end user would be to aim for using couples in the movies who would work as a double act as though they were a couple as to suggest that they are a couple (even when they are not). Making many movies together in this way would give the end user the impression the actors are indeed a couple. This would assist in emotional connectivity for many end users and would stave off much of the erosion that occurs due to porno exposure. Emotional connectivity along with pornographic imagery is a very healthy mixture and should be aimed for as much as possible. Impersonal pornography would lend itself to arousal desensitizing when exposed for long periods and thus will lead to hard-core pornographic materials being sought by the end user. Harder pornography is sought in an effort to trigger an adrenaline response whilst in an aroused state, this is true for the consumers of pornography as much as it is for people during sex itself. Those people who use drugs and drink during sexual encounters will often become desensitized for men this will lead to more and more risky or even bizarre sexual demands for women this could lead also to the use of larger and larger insertions into the vagina and other cavities (which over a period of time would lead to permanent damage of over stretching the area and ironically creating a physically desensitized area due to this over stretching). Thus people who have sex often whilst drunk or under the influence of drugs will desensitize themselves both psychologically and also physically. Often people at this point will start to realise that they have some form of issue that needs addressing. This issue is a very common issue due to normal social conventions of consuming drugs and drink during sex although many people falsely believe that they are damaged emotionally is some deeper way. Obviously there is a trend for shy people to act in this way by using drugs and drink during sex and their introverted personality leads them to constantly look inside themselves for problems which often are not apparent although classic introverted personalities often form this type of behaviour constantly looking inside of themselves for problems. This type of ending could also occur to porn stars with desensitizing themselves over time if drugs and drink are used during scenes to overcome stage fright, many believing they have some form of mental issue eventually although this would be an incorrect conclusion as it is merely the product of the use of drugs and drink to calm nervousness during performances which is completely understandable. To combat this issue it could be a good idea to work with the same company for long periods of time to attain familiarity with the crew who are shooting pornographic scenes as this can help ease tension. Many porno actors feel that they need to circulate much from company to company too much along with producers who believe it is better to use as many actors as possible. This is an issue as the material does need to appear fresh on the websites and DVD’s to keep a high level of competitiveness within the business. For this issue I can only recommend that the actors and recording crew stick together as a team longer term and then sell work to different companies for distribution purposes. This might mean in real terms a slight change in the format of personnel but could yield a better working environment for the actors with much lower stress levels overall and also possibly lend itself to better work being produced as many actors have good angles and bad angles and much to learn by all during a shoot that might go to waste if actors circulate too much between different crews for recordings. People tend to know what works and what doesn’t after they spend a little more time together working. Pornographic movies are as much about psychology as anything is out there in the world and it would make a lot of sense to think about how the work is impacting society generally. This would at very least calm critics of the porno industry who are constantly looking for things to complain about. If porno companies and websites and actors all have a good level of understanding this way and to address constantly the concerns of this critical group less adversity overall would be seen. Although it is often the outcome where people just go on the blind defensive and get heated and argue irrelevantly and resort to name calling and so forth.



If actors and producers and others within the industry were to be more mindful of the general concerns and also knew of the implication and social impact of their work and also were mindful in a way as to better circumstances for end users and non users alike (in terms of secure access to porno without constant bombardment of pornographic images in an unsolicited way across the net and through emails etc) this world would be a much better place for all. Many people love porn and to an extent actually need porn in their lives and others hate pornography and feel violated by its presence in their lives and by having it present in the world in general. Finding better solutions is something that should be at the top of the porn industries agenda, which is merely to serve customers who want this product whilst pleasing the public who do not wish to use or view passively this product.

To this extent it would be a good idea to look up books relating to the social impact of pornography and social impact of the work.

Currently the UK government are in a state of high alert over censorship of the net and have been for some time. Here is an interesting article on the issue.



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